Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello World

Welcome to the Maldivica blog site. This outlet is to share our knowledge, experiences and observations on cloud technologies. The Maldivica team consists of technology veterans with deep expertise in IT infrastructure. We've designed, built and operated globally distributed cloud storage and compute platforms, content delivery and acceleration networks, and a variety of other infrastructure services. Since early 2011, we've been helping businesses from around the world capture the power of cloud storage.

Maldivica specializes in making the best of cloud technologies accessible to all organizations. Our flagship product, the Maldivica Storage Connector, integrates legacy storage systems and applications with cloud storage platforms. It provides a high performance NAS interface to cloud storage, eliminating the need to program against an API. The platform simplifies the preparation and transfer of data into object storage systems so you can leverage the best of this storage technology.

Outside of work, we've been to nearly every corner of the globe, the highest point in the US and a hundred feet beneath the surface of the ocean.  We've studied in China, run marathons, and even led bands at international bagpipe competitions.  

We invite you to enjoy and share our posts. Please feel free to comment with your experiences or even disagree. Our goal is to educate and enable the world to use the best of the cloud.